Sensible Analytics is a data analytics consultancy offering services straightforward, affordable analytics.

My name is Christabel Cooper, and I have 15 years of experience working as a commercial data analyst for some of Britain’s best known retailers and FMCG firms. I specialise in transforming raw data into formats which non-technical audiences can use to make decisions.

All businesses, whatever their size and whatever their budget, hold useful data that can help you make better decisions or provide better services.

Most SMEs are worried about attracting new customers, increasing their revenue and maintaining profitability.

I can help transform your business data into insights and decision-making tools that will address these key objectives without requiring complex and expensive solutions. My experience is in working closely with managers to understand their particular commercial needs and deliver genuinely useful and easy-to-understand data-driven solutions.


Get in touch to talk about how your business uses data and discover whether there is a fit between your needs and the services Sensible Analytics can offer.

For more information about what I can offer please explore the website, which is a showcase for my work and of ideas that could help your business.



Analysis techniques which could help your business include Clustering customers who are similar to target them in a cost effective way, Survival Analysis indicates when an event is likely to occur, for instance when a customer is likely to terminate a subscription service, A/B Testing pits one scenario against another, such as showing different customers two different images of a product and measuring any differences in conversion.


An insight is information gathered from analytics which is new, relevant and which you can use to change your business for the better.

With 15 years of experience deriving insights about customer behaviour, pricing, promotion, loyalty and retail sales patterns both in-store and online, I can help you identify the insights that will make a difference to your business.


You've done your analysis. You've found your insights. But if you can't communicate them properly to decision-makers, then your time and money has been wasted.

Designing effective data ways of presenting data is the last step in using analytics to help your business succeed.


My Porfolio contains examples of my work, including Tableau dashboards, data-driven Powerpoint presentations and dashboards created only using Excel.

The underlying data in these examples come from public sources (to avoid compromising confidentiality), but the regression modelling techniques and the presentation of data can easily be applied to commercial data.

Why not fill out our quick survey about the data your business holds and what your challenges are? If there is a fit between your needs and the services Sensible Analytics can offer, I will send over a completely free report showing how data analytics help address your challenges. If our services aren't right for your business then there's no obligation to do anything.