An insight is not the same as an observation. An insight has to be something you didn't know before, it has to be relevant and it has be useful.


Campaign analysis: How much uplift did running a marketing campaign give you? This looks simple to calculate - just look at what sales were doing before and after the campaign. But sometimes seasonal variation, other promotions running at the same time and other factors can make it difficult to isolate just the effects of the campaign. Building a model of underlying sales using multiple regression gives you an accurate baseline, making sure that you only calculate the uplift from the marketing activity and not from other factors and ensuring you spend the right amount on your campaigns.

Response rates: Which customers are most likely to respond to a promotion

Churn: When is a customer likely to stop buying from you, or stop subscribing to your services? If you can identify when a customer is about to churn then your business can intervene to stop them leaving - it's always cheaper to prevent a customer from leaving than it is to gain a new one.

Customer Lifetime Value: How much is a customer worth once you have acquired them? Survival analysis can feed into this calculation by evaluating how long each customer is likely to be spending with your business. Without a good estimate of Lifetime Value, there is no way to assess how much to spend to acquire a customer

Customer Segmention: This is crucial for deciding who to target and which products, services, promotions or campaigns you should be targeting them with in order to maximise your revenue and minimise costs. The better you know your customers, the better you can communicate with them.

  • RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) segmentation is a traditional way of dividing customers, which allows a business to target its most valuable customers
  • Behavioural Segmentation is a more sophisticated way of clustering customers based on what they actually do, e.g. which products they buy, how frequently they purchase, how sensitive they are to price and promotions. Behavioural Segmentation explores why customers behave the way they do


Insights from data analysis allows you to make better decisions about how to allocate your costs and how to increase sales. Please get in touch for a chat about analytics can help your business succeed.